Society is more mobile than ever before. People are often asked to work in remote areas or other countries. This is a good way to earn promotion in a career. It is not always easy to keep an important relationship going. Relationships are difficult when the partners can be physically together at home. When one partner moves away, even temporarily, it creates hardship for both of them. Taking a few extra steps can keep the relationship healthy. Here are 3 simple tips for both partners to follow.

  1. It is very important to keep to a regular contact schedule. This helps both settle into a solid routine. It gives each of them a time to devote solely to their relationship. Life does happen, and sometimes schedules must change. Always discuss schedule changes as soon as possible. Many people are hurt when that expected call does not come through. They may begin to doubt their partner's commitment. Keeping to the schedule and discussing necessary changes avoids this issue.
  2. Take a short vacation or a long weekend and meet somewhere. This is a good idea even if both people have to travel to make it happen. Physical separation is often a problem for people in a relationship. They are used to being able to touch, kiss and cuddle together. When this is missing, it opens a gap in their normal interactions. Taking even a short time out of a busy schedule to meet shows both parties are still deeply committed. It may also be a great time to explore a new country or city together.
  3. Investing in stationary and stamps is a good way to keep a relationship personal. Video calls, phone calls, email and texting are all very nice in the modern world. They help keep people connected. Unfortunately, digital communications are not quite the same as a personal note arriving via snail mail. There is something very thoughtful and giving when a partner far away has taken the time to jot a few lines on paper and mail it. It will help both people see how invested they are in their relationship.